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Get Started – enter roku activation code

To watch favorite movies or web series on Roku Streaming Devices, user need to activate the roku device on its official website that is To do so create roku account and provide the essential details asked.

What is roku streaming device?

Roku is a type of streaming device which allow you to watch paid and free video contents by connecting it with your TV. It can be found in different forms like: TV sets, set-top boxes etc. Roku device includes USB storage, optimum audio, voice remote, gaming remote, etc. You can add any channel of your preference with your TV by Roku streaming player.

Where to find your roku link code?

The Roku streaming channel will only work if it is activated, and for activation, you need a Roku code link, the process to get roku link code has been explained below..

How to create roku account?

Roku account

Account creation is necessary in order to activate roku in your device. Here are the few steps to move further

Why need a roku account?

Roku account is needed to have full control on your streaming device. A Roku account gives you access to a stunning selection of movies, T.V. shows, music and more Roku channel store. Roku devices give you access to 4,000+ free and paid channels, so you can stream almost anything.

Steps to activate roku from

Activating Roku Account need some technical assistance for successful activation. Easy activation can be done with the help of Roku Activation Link. Step by step process to activate Roku Account is given here:

How to add channels to roku?

Installing channels on Roku streaming device is easy. From the “Home Menu” scroll down to “Streaming Channels” and click the purple “OK” button on the remote.This navigates you to the Roku Channel Store (don’t worry, most are free to install). As you can see by the picture below; there are numerous options to find channels.

Roku channel store

Roku channel

You can use “Search Channels” to search by typing in a search term or use any of the other search options available. Once you find a channel navigate to it with the arrow keys on the remote and press the purple “OK” button. From there, the channel will install and be available on your home screen.Add channel to rokuIt’s as easy as installing an app on a smartphone.

What is roku application?

The free Roku mobile app is a great app that we recommend every Roku owner downloads from iTunes or Google Play Store. All the power of the Roku operating system is available in the app.

Roku app roku my feed

You can search by voice or text, access “My Feed”, and install apps on your Roku by using the new Roku app. Voice search is possible through the app on all versions. If you aren’t a fan of the voice search or typing long search strings with the remote, the Roku app gives you access to a full keyboard.

Currently, your mobile device needs to be in proximity to the Roku to access “My Feed.” However, Roku has indicated that they are looking to make the functionality available when you are away from home.

Features of roku streaming device

Roku account

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